This is a “must take” class for any divorcing parents. I learned tons of information – Hanna B.

I didn’t think I needed a parenting class, but I learned a lot of ways to improve my parenting. -Mark H.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by content and what could be applied to my circumstances. – Jill J.

Thank you for your caring support. I appreciate your quick response to my question. – Jenna L.

I learned how to be a better parent. Thank you! – Michelle V.

Very helpful! – Steve S.

Not stressful, very interesting. – Kathy P.

I learned a lot in this course! – Jamal H.

Thank you. I highly recommend this class – Susan B.

It sucks that I have to take this class, but I can’t say it wasn’t beneficial… – Mike P.

This class will help me be a better co-parent. -Chris W.

I hope my spouse takes this class! – Donna T.

Very informative. I appreciate the parenting tips.  -LaBreonna H.

Awesome parenting class! – Jake C.   

Divorce is hard. This parenting info will help me with my spouse and children. – Daniel C.

Being a good parent and co-parent is my number one goal in life. Thanks for your help! -Rochelle J.

This class is a great resource for divorcing parents. – Jan M.